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Quick delivery.  We have used these for a couple of years and they work great and hold up very well. A much better alternative to buying the cheap plastic drip cups every year.

Susan M.

Does everything well.  It is small, and stands up. The latter is very important. It is easy to clean (I pour hot water on it) , and shields the hand from wax. I love it, and bought a hundred for Holy week. It is cheap enough to afford in quantity.

Timothy H.

Tom emailed me on Sunday afternoon 12/4, "Hi - I'm wondering what the status of this order is.  We need these handles by this Friday 12/9 ...  Please advise."  I checked with the shipper and informed him that they would be there in time and he wrote to me, "Wow!  An answer to my email on a Sunday evening!  Very impressive. Thank you.  Sounds like everything should work out just fine with the delivery then.  Thanks so much!"

Tom M.